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We need your help to keep everyone afloat!


The following weeks will bring increased uncertainty for many in our community. Those that were already on the edge have just been nudged one step closer to the poverty line. Household expenses will continue to knock at the door, and difficult choices will lay ahead for hundreds of thousands of Nova Scotians. Your donations will help keep food in the pantry for thousands of Nova Scotians.


Your donations will be directly funneled into $50 Atlantic Superstore food cards and delivered to families and seniors in need. If you know someone in need, refer them using the link below.


This fundraiser is not designed to replace the current amazing food programs and charity work but rather to help fill the gaps. Offering electronic food cards allows for online shopping and limited-contact delivery and is the best solution we have in the current COVID-19 climate.

~Dylan Smibert & The ALTC Board

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Donate directly towards the purchase of food cards


As this fundraiser is taking place in a time of need, rather than a 50/50 fundraiser, we at Altruistic Current believe it is appropriate to use 75% of the donations to fund the Staying Afloat food donation project. 


75% of the total funds will go towards purchasing and distributing electronic food cards to vulnerable seniors and families that are food insecure. In total, 25% of the total funds received will go to the holder of the winning ticket number.

This fundraiser is designed to help fill the gaps in the current systems and processes. Electronic food cards that allow for electronic shopping and limited contact pick-up is the best alternative we have for the current Covid-19 climate.

A two-step validation and referral process will be used to confirm the food card recipients.

75/25 HouseRules

House Rules governing the operation of the Altruistic Current Society: 75/25 Raffle: Staying Afloat Fundraiser


In accordance with the rules and regulations of The Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division of Service Nova Scotia, the following applies:

1. Must be a legal resident of Nova Scotia and over the age of majority (19) for ticket purchases to be valid and to claim any prize(s). Valid ID with proof of address must be provided before prize funds are distributed. We have the right to disqualify any ticket purchases that are deemed invalid.
2. The 75/25 Raffle will be open to the public within Nova Scotia. Tickets will be sold using online software and delivered to the buyer's stated preferred email address. No board member of the Altruistic Current Society will be permitted to purchase a ticket.
3. Tickets cost $10.00 for 1 entry, $20 for 3, $50.00 for 8, $100 for 20.
4. The ticket sales (Raffle Period) begins April 10th, 2020, and runs until April 29, 2020. Draw date: April 30, 2020, 12:00 pm.

5. Proceeds from ticket sales will be dispersed per draw as follows: 25% to the draw winner; 75% to the Altruistic Current Society's Staying Afloat Food Fundraiser.  

6. Draw Process: In an attempt to maximize the integrity of the 75/25 type lottery draws, the following will be done on the announced draw date:

a. Videotape/live stream of the ticket draw; this will be done on a mobile phone and should be retained in perpetuity online for anyone to access.

b. Immediately prior to the draw, an announcement is to be made identifying the ticket sales for the two weeks and the winning pot amount.

c. Show empty hands prior to drawing a single ballot out of a container of all ballots received for the draw.

d. Each draw will take place at Flexwork Coworking (302-1533 Barrington St, Halifax), with two witnesses present

e. The first name drawn from the container will win the monetary (cash) prize offered

7. The pot size will be regularly broadcast on the social media accounts of the Altruistic Current Society and always available on the online software.

8. Winners will be contacted by email and phone. A cheque will be delivered to the recipient after proof of ticket and valid identification have been confirmed. 

9. The winner will have 90 days to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed within 90 days another draw using the same entrants will be made.

10. With the prior written approval of the Executive Director, Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations, Alcohol & Gaming Division, the Altruistic Current Society reserves the right to:

a. cancel a draw should the situation warrant it. The Altruistic Current Society will return all monies paid.  
b. end a draw early, if required.

Refer Someone In Need

Nominate someone you know that could use a 50$ electronic food gift card

  • All information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. 

  • There is a limit of (1) 50$ electronic gift card per household per month (will validate with nominee).

  • There is no limit to the number of nominations; please ensure they are genuinely in need.

  • The nominee must reside in Nova Scotia.

  • We will send the electronic gift cards weekly after validating the address and identity of nominees.

  • Depending on funds, not every nominee will receive a gift card. If there are more nominees that gift cards, we will randomly draw from the list of nominees.

This fundraiser is not designed to replace the current amazing food programs and charity work but rather to help fill the gaps. Electronic food cards that allow for electronic shopping and limited contact pick-up is the best alternative we have for the current COVID-19 climate.

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