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Guess Who, Halifax?
May 27 - June 2

Event Document

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What is Guess Who Halifax?

Altruistic Current ( presents Guess Who, Halifax? a free city-wide mystery-solving scavenger hunt series around the HRM. Team up with community members to Guess Who's the weekly culprit and wish for cash prizes! A weekly crime-solving mystery that takes place from  Saturday, May 6th (noon) to the following Friday (noon).

We plan to host four events in May, one in July, and four in September.


You and your team of rag-tag detectives have been called in to help identify the culprit of a recent "crime." 

Find eyewitnesses (QR stickers) to the "crime" hiding around the HRM. Each eyewitness will provide a valuable piece of information about the culprit. Follow our interactive map to help you find up to 10 eyewitness clues before you make your guess.

Thanks to Build Nova Scotia, we will have access to a waterfront chalet as our Guess Who HQ to engage locals and tourists visiting our city. “We want this to be the event that will bring families, friends, and strangers together this summer!” We are giving away over $250 in cash and prizes each week. We will partner with local businesses to offer bonus clues and gift card prizes for detectives visiting their establishments.

We will use the free app Whatsapp to organize this event and send you an invite link.


*Optional: If you enjoyed a recent event and would like to help fund similar experiences in the future, you can donate to the Guess Who Project.


Ways to win cash and prizes:

A. Earn $10 by being the first one to locate eyewitnesses and an additional $50 if you are the first to identify the person responsible for the crime. Other detectives who correctly solve the case will have a chance to win additional $20 draws.

B. If you find eyewitnesses at local businesses, you will be entered into a draw to win a $25 gift card.

C. Daily draws for the most eyewitnesses found in a day (draw @5pm)



It is FREE to participate. 

All you need is a mobile phone and Whatsapp. 

Find these stickers hidden around the HRM. 

Take a photo of the QR code and follow the link to the eyewitness testimony. If you are the first to find this eyewitness, you will receive a cash prize at the end of the week! 


Untitled (6 × 6 in).jpg

This week's crime: One of the Harbour Hoppers was stolen and taken out on a joy ride around Dalhousie campus.


One eye witness said the culprit was of average height and wearing a black shirt.

There must be more eyewitnesses out there; see if you can track them down!


Select who you think is this week's culprit.


The  city

Find the eyewitness stickers within the coloured zones on the map. The map will be interactive and zoomable via a map link during the event.

The Sorting Mat will sort you into a team of a similar nature.

You can share clues, search for clues together, and work together to win the large cash prize for getting more correct guesses than the other teams.

Team Graftondor is brave, honourable, and can always be trusted.

Team Robieclaw is bright, curious, and always has the answer.

Team Hollispuff is kind, sociable, and can always be counted on.


Team Southerin is cunning, strong, and always competitive.




  To Register for free click this survey link  

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