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What is Guess Who Halifax?

Altruistic Current ( presents Guess Who, Halifax? a free city-wide mystery-solving scavenger hunt series around the HRM. Team up with community members to Guess Who's the weekly culprit and wish for cash prizes! 

Hey there, fellow crime solvers, trusty sidekicks, and daring vigilantes! It's time to put on your detective hats because the dynamic duo, Hali and Fax, need your help on a mission to track down a notorious local crime boss. Why, you ask? Well, they're hot on the trail of their arch-nemesis, the elusive Shade!


You can participate anytime between 11 a.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday in September. In the coming weeks, there'll be fresh informant leads and new crime bosses to tackle.

Lucky for us, Hali and Fax have a network of informants spread across the scenic Halifax waterfront. There are five of them in total. To get started, simply check out this informant map (click here). You will track down and scan the QR code sticker (2") that looks like this gruff fella.


Each informant will dish out a fresh map link that will lead you to the next informant. But here's the catch – they'll only spill the beans on their boss's identity if you lend them a hand with a little task.

Now, don't jump the gun! You'll need to gather enough clues about the crime boss before you make your big accusation. When you have gathered enough clues about the crime boss to confidently "guess who" (click here) to make your accusation but remember, you only get one guess per week!

The first sleuth to correctly pinpoint the crime boss will walk away with a cool $50 in their pocket. But don't fret if you're not the first one to crack the case; all correct detectives will be entered into four draws, with cash prizes ranging from $20 to a whopping $100. Keep an eye on your email in case you're one of the lucky winners.

This adventure is all about you and your fellow sidekicks, so there's no need for fancy gadgets or secret handshakes. Everything you need is right here in this message.

And if you fancy a face-to-face meetup, we'll be hanging out at the waterfront (we are on the map). Swing by and say hello if you're in the neighbourhood!

Got questions? Shoot us an email at And if you have a blast on this mission, don't keep it to yourself – spread the word to your friends, or hey, maybe even buy us a coffee! After all, we're ALTC, a non-profit organization that loves bringing people together through awesome community events like this one.


Best of luck, sidekicks!


*Optional: If you enjoyed a recent event and would like to help fund similar experiences in the future, you can donate to the Guess Who Project.



It is FREE to participate. 

All you need is a mobile phone!

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Find these stickers hidden around the HRM Waterfront. Take a photo of the QR code and follow the link to the eyewitness testimony. If you are the first to find this eyewitness, you will receive a cash prize at the end of the week! 


Untitled (6 × 6 in).jpg

One eye witness said the culprit was of average height and wearing a black shirt.

There must be more eyewitnesses out there; see if you can track them down!


Select who you think is this week's culprit.



Find the eyewitness stickers within the coloured zones on the map. The map will be interactive and zoomable via a map link during the event.

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