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Free version. Everything you need to start playing. Print the .PDF file for instructions and paper game pieces. 


œ Print from the .pdf file on regular 8x11 paper

œ Dust off your old chessboard

œ Find 10  paper printout spirit realm

œ Find 10 paper printout spirit power markers


ĀTMĀ: Spirit Chess is a unique spiritual variation on standard chess. ĀTMĀ is played on a diamond chessboard that is divided in half by the spiritual realm. Capture your friend's pieces and control the spirit realm to earn enlightenment points; the first to 99 points wins. To acquire a strategic advantage over your friend, you can tap into chaotic, light, and dark spiritual powers. ĀTMĀ integrates mindful breathing and additional layers strategy to the classic game of chess.


Some play ATMA to win; others play ATMA to practice mindfulness and enjoy the company of their friend. You decide how you want to play.


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