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Unique glass and mirror ĀTMĀ board pieces with two spiritual avatars that replace your kings . Everything you need to start playing if you have your own chessboard and pieces.


  • 2x Spiritual Avatars (replaces Kings).
  • 10x Upgraded Unique Mirror Spirit Realm Markers
  • 10x Upgraded Unique Enchantment and Curse Halos.
  • 1x Incense holder and incense.
  • 1x Carved wooden carrying case.
  • 1x Certificate of Ownership
  • 2x Spirit Power Cards (Light and Dark)
  • 4x Mana/Enlightenment Trackers (Glass)
  • 1x Mount Api enlightenment score tracking poster.
  • 1x Instruction Manual


ĀTMĀ: Spirit Chess is a unique spiritual variation on standard chess. ĀTMĀ is played on a diamond chessboard that is divided in half by the spiritual realm. Capture your friend's pieces and control the spirit realm to earn enlightenment points; the first to 99 points wins. To acquire a strategic advantage over your friend, you can tap into chaotic, light, and dark spiritual powers. ĀTMĀ integrates mindful breathing and additional layers strategy to the classic game of chess.


Some play ATMA to win; others play ATMA to practice mindfulness and enjoy the company of their friend. You decide how you want to play.

Coming Soon ĀTMĀ Enlightened

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