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CBC Information Morning - Don and Dylan
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Solve the clues, find the cash, improve the community!


Find out what our August cash hunters plan to do with their Altruistic Cash!

Dylan Smibert and Blaine Mackie discuss their philosophy behind their Altruistic Cash Hunt event.

Dylan Smibert, is a PhD student in I-O psychology. He is also the founder of Altruistic Current which is a not-for-profit project designed to promote altruism in the community. Altruism is defined as selfless behaviour, often to the benefit of another individual’s welfare.


This Altruistic Cash Hunt is designed to captivate and engage the altruistic citizens of  Halifax.
Premise: denominations of $20, $50, $100, and gift cards from local businesses will be hidden in marked envelopes around the city of Halifax and HRM. When you find the hidden cash, you are asked to take a portion of the money and do something nice for someone else. 


Clues as to the whereabouts of the hidden “booty” will be broadcast over our official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.



We will broadcast clues on the hour starting at 9 am and will stop at 6 pm (packages that are not located during the day will carry onto the next event).


We will begin by providing clues to the smaller denomination packages before then progressing to the larger denominations. The clues will start out general and abstract and will become more detailed as the day progresses.


We will suggest that participants use public transportation, bikes, or their bipedal power (legs) during the hunt.


Participants will be asked to post photos of their Cash Hunt with the best photo winning a surprise prize!


We will ask that they post at least one photo of how they will pay a portion of their findings forward through random acts of kindness.  


Our overall goal is to spark a current of altruism throughout Halifax and surrounding communities.